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A community free of homelessness and domestic violence.

Community Resources

If you are homeless and experiencing domestic violence you can access a variety of housing or temporary shelter resources in Pierce County. Pierce Counties’ Coordinated Entry System, is the Centralized intake system for the county and can be accessed by calling our county helpline number which is 211, in order to get an intake for housing/shelter. Other types of emergency/legal resources listed below are also available within Pierce County.

“When I was accepted at Exodus, I felt relief, hope and pride. I was beyond happy the day I moved in because now I would be able to provide safety for myself and my child. When she saw the house for the first time she said “Wow, mommy! Thanks for getting me a house.  “I have my own room!” Having a place of our own means that we can move forward and grow as a family. With case management and setting goals, I have someone to talk to and help out along the way. Having the support that Exodus gives means having someone you know care about you being successful as much as you.”

Emergency Services

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
  • Pierce County Domestic Violence Hotline: 253-798-4166
  • YWCA Domestic Violence Hotline: 253-383-2593
  • KWA Domestic Violence Hotline: 253-359-0470
  • CFJC Domestic Violence Hotline: 253-798-4166
  • Police: 911

DV Shelters

  • YWCA: 253-383-2593
  • Korean Women’s Association: 253-359-0470
  • Family Renewal Shelter: 253-485-9010
  • CDVAP Puyallup Tribal Shelter: 253-680-5499

DV Legal/Advocacy

  • Crystal Judson Family Justice Center: 253-798-4310
  • YWCA legal: 253-365-6352
  • Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association: 253-572-5134
  • Clear: 888-201-1014
  • Tacoma Community House: 253-383-3951
  • Northwest Immigrants Rights Project: 206-587-4009


General Information

Pierce County Resource Line: Dial 211

“I am finally safe! There is no more abuse in my life now that I am in my own place, for which I am extremely appreciative and thankful! I was really scared but excited for my new beginning when I was able to move in. My child felt secure the first night that we stayed at our own apartment. I am doing this on my own, but I have the Exodus support system to help me provide independence for myself and security for my son.”