Enjoying a Sweet Success!

As a Family Support Specialist I work with families as they enter our housing program, and see first- hand the despair of their circumstance and stress of not having a place to stay or money to start rebuilding their lives. Their homeless situation is a direct result of the domestic violence they have had to flee which creates a domino effect of not being able to keep a job or provide a stable environment for their children. On the other hand, I also get the opportunity to see these families as they move forward and begin creating the successful lives they have only been able to dream about.

The following is one such example of a client who came to our program with what seemed as if all odds were against her. She had no resources or family or friends to turn to. She was homeless, unemployed and was starting drug treatment after having her child taken away. She had fled her DV situation and was looking for help to get off the streets and work towards regaining custody of her child. The following is a note she sent us after successfully exiting our program!

“Since I started in the program I have made a lot of progress, mostly with my sobriety and fighting for/attaining full custody of my child! I could never have achieved those two things if I hadn’t had a stable place to live. The biggest thing for me has been feeling independent. Even though I’m receiving assistance through DSHS and Exodus Housing, I’ve always had a man around because I felt like I ‘needed’ one to pay the bills, control the finances etc. It feels SOOOO good to not have to choose between a roof over my head and be abused or to leave and be homeless and lose my child. With the support of Exodus Housing I was able to leave the abuse, have a safe place for me and my child and receive the services I need to become financially and mentally stable. I am so grateful and thankful, Thank you!”