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A community free of homelessness and domestic violence.

About Exodus Housing

Our agency’s life long work is not only to help families regain control of their lives through our services, but to also join forces with other agencies to end the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness.

Mission Statement:

Encouraging independence, empowerment and self-sufficiency for families fleeing domestic violence by providing access to permanent housing, tailored services and community resources.

Value Statements:

Hope – Through compassion and respect, we help families discover new hope for their future
Empowerment – Through education, we empower families to become strong and independent
Accountability – Through fiscal responsibility, we leverage donations to support our families
Excellence – Through professional integrity. we bring positive change to our neighborhoods

“Having my own place means getting back on track and finding out who I am. With my case manager we meet and set goals; this is different from what I am used to, but it is fun to actually meet my goals and get them out of the way! I have someone to talk to when my case manager visits, and she also helps me to set my goals. Having a safe place to live helps me achieve that most important goal-being a mother.”

Annual Report:

Every year we publish an annual report on the work Exodus is doing, the outcomes of that work and the various supporters that help us both financially and in-kind.

View our annual report for 2017


Exodus Housing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that was originally founded in 1994, by a local Sumner businessperson and retired Lutheran minister. Their vision was to start a transitional housing program to help meet the growing needs of families who were homeless in East Pierce County. At the time, this area of the county offered limited resources for families seeking affordable housing and domestic violence services. Originally the program was designed to serve both single and dual parent low income families in transitional housing, who were homeless for many different reasons. However, time and changes in funding has led us to today’s population and housing program, which is to serve low income households who are actively fleeing, or attempting to flee from domestic violence in rapid rehousing.

Meet our Dedicated Staff

Tonya Tunnell-Thornhill, Executive Director:
Tonya is responsible for the overall administration and operations of the agency.  She holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a BA degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology, Sociology and Human Development. Tonya has been with Exodus Housing for 13 years, working her way up from a volunteer to paid staff. She has held several different job positions within the agency, but recently took over as the Executive Director on December 16, 2016. ( January 2006-present)

Christine Young, Family Service Specialist:
Christine provides case management services that provides households served with access to community resources, obtaining  permanent housing and planning for long term stability.  She holds a BA degree in Urban Renewal Studies and has had prior work experience with other social service agencies. Christine has been with Exodus Housing for 10 years and has been our Senior Family Service Specialist for the last 5 years.
(July 2008 – present)

Marie Saplan, Family Service Specialist:
Marie provides case management services that provides households served with access to community resources, obtaining  permanent housing and planning for long term stability.  She holds 2 BA degrees, one in Communication/Public Relations and also Foreign Languages & Literature- Spanish with a minor in Japanese and French. Marie has been with Exodus Housing for over a year now but has prior work experience with other social service agencies.
(March 2017 – present)

Paula Shirley, Finance & Administrative Assistant:
Paula is responsible for implementing accounting policies and procedures to ensure accurate and timely processing of financial activities at Exodus Housing. She utilizes QuickBooks software to input and reconcile all revenue/expense transactions and invoices; pays bills; processes payroll; assists CPA with audit and year-end tax preparations, and oversees our human resource policies. Paula holds a BA degree in Psychology/Counseling and Human Services. Though she has only been a member of our staff for 4 months, she has done remarkable work and has worked in other social service agencies prior to Exodus Housing. (April 2018 – present)

Board of Directors

Brian Comfort
Comfort, Davies & Smith P.S

Chuck Walton
Chief Financial Officer, Joe Hall Construction

Ruby Elwood
V.P. Community Manager, Umpqua Bank

Cindi Hochstatter
City of Sumner Council Member

Andrea Marquez
Assistant City Attorney of Sumner

Gayle Rowden

Rhiannon Williams-Sanchez
Family Law GAL, Pierce County Superior Courtartender/Waitress

Tonya Tunnell-Thornhill
Executive Director